Blazers are fabulous but wearing a suitable top underneath a blazer can be tricky. Below are some useful suggestions of what one can wear underneath their suit blazers for work or any other occasion.


Sleeveless tops, shells and blouses are comfortable and visually less bulky on the sleeves of the blazer. They are great alternatives to sleeved blouses and tees, particularly if you want a layered look with clean lines. However, note that bare arms are not acceptable for every office — so know your office before you take off your blazer! Also, choose a neckline that lies flat under the blazer, or rests comfortably above the collar.


A hardcore modern classic to wear under a blazer, and a particularly effective one for a shorter neck and/or larger bust. It makes for a great undergarment for a blazer. Also, you can take your blazer off at work without worrying about looking inappropriate as it serves as a formal attire on its own as well.


While we don’t recommend wearing a camisole by itself beneath a suit, it makes a great layer beneath other blouses if you’re worried about opacity, cleavage, gaping and more. If you keep the jacket on and choose a silhouette with ample cleavage coverage, it’s completely work appropriate, and you can wear it comfortably beneath your blazer.


A stiff and crisp button-down shirt is a masculine and Tomboy option under a blazer, but can look sharp and professional, nonetheless. Leave the collar of the shirt open and wear it over the collar of the blazer and pop the collar if you like. Shirts with neckties work beautifully with the tie tied in a bow or knot.  


Remember that a blouse is NOT a shirt. Blouses are softer and daintier. You could wear a popover blouse for work. These kinds of blouses are cut like t-shirts in that they have no buttons, pull over the head, have no gaping problems and are generally more comfortable.

Though the popover blouses are highly recommended for work, you could also try the button-front blouses. Though these may come with fitting and gaping issues depending on your bust size, they are stylish and chic!

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