It can be hard to figure out what to wear with a skirt, which tops look best with which skirts, and how best to style shirts with a skirt. Here are some different types of skirts and what works best with them!

1. Full skirts/ Maxi skirts

For full, flowy skirts that have a lot of volume, try pairing them with more fitted tops to balance the volume. A full, voluminous top will add bulk on top and bottom and make you look larger overall. A good option to wear with a full skirt is a bodysuit or a lightweight slim fit shirt. Crop tops are also a good option to wear with a full skirt. You could wear anything, but just keep it slim fit to balance out the fullness of the skirt.

2. Fitted Skirts

Fitted skirts, like a pencil or mermaid style skirt, should have the same balance of volume. It’ll just be the opposite of the full skirt. Since the bottom is fitted, add a bit of volume to the top with a blouse, a shirt with full sleeves, or a top with ruffles.

3. Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts were once thought to be strictly formal. They’ve been used by schools as part of school uniform for years, but they also look very stylish when worn casually. You can wear a pleated skirt with a sweater and either sneakers or boots. You can also pair it up with a camisole or any sleeveless top with flats or sandals for that casual look.

4. Denim Skirts

Denim or jean skirts are unlikely to fade, no matter how long they are in their closet. You could opt for a classic blue or black denim, or even a pair of white denim skirt instead of a pair of white jeans. With denims, you might want to choose a top with a pop of color to make you stand out a bit and to avoid having a dull look. Any kind of top is great if it complements the color of your denim skirt nicely.

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