Wardrobe Essentials for A Career Woman

Creating a new look for work every day can be tasking and the last thing you want to do is repeat outfits you’ve worn in a week over and over. It is often difficult to find the time in the morning to rummage through your wardrobe and find an outfit that looks different and haven’t been worn too many times already.

The key to this problem is by stocking up your wardrobe with essential and versatile pieces that can be paired with many other garments to help you to keep your look fresh.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or cleaning out your wardrobe or want to step up your rotation of work wear, you need to invest in these essentials that’ll be with you for years to come.

These pieces below should serve as an excellent guide for you.

● Blazers

● Long Sleeve Blouses

● Shell Blouses

● Tank Tops

● Pant/Trousers

● Heels

● Pencil skirts

● Work Tote Bag

● Dresses

● Denim

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