Transitioning From Corporate to Casual Outfits

Wearing the right clothing has the ability to make you feel confident and comfortable. As such, learning about the standards of corporate and casual attires can help you strike a balance between dressing formal and casual.

Style is all about fun, even when you are at work. If your wardrobe has a few versatile pieces you can mix, match, and rotate different looks to make it easier to transition your corporate work outfit into a chic night look.

How you put fashion pieces together to create your own personal look matters. If you have some staple work-appropriate pieces that you are looking to turn into a stylish evening look, check out the following tips:






Consider having these basics in your wardrobe and you are on your way to pulling off some of the most versatile looks in the year. For these, contact COCA LOOK at or you can reach us on call, DM or WhatsApp on 0559655527/0555588098.



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