As an entrepreneur, you are mostly your own boss with so much to do within a day and running in between tight deadlines. There is the tendency to pay less attention to your look because of the busy nature of your work.

In some instances, your wardrobe would be filled with clothes, but you never really have the time to pull it off well or style it properly. You ought to have a reason for every piece in your wardrobe from your casual outfits to your power look outfit.

Here are 5 fashion tips that would help you shop better, look better, and be the best boss you could ever imagine.

1. Choose Comfort First – When it comes to fashion, always opt for outfits and accessories that fit and feel comfortable. On days when you are busy, the last thing you want is wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable and stressful. Always have that in mind when shopping.

2. Shop for your body shape – Knowing your body type is a basic thing to consider when shopping as an entrepreneur. This will help you choose outfits that allows you to express who are and what you do. You know the popular saying, dress how you want to be addressed. Finding the right outfit that matches your body shape really does the magic.

3. Plan Your Outfits in Advance – If you are an entrepreneur with a work schedule that is not routine, you would want to plan your outfits in advance. Always have your go-to outfits, pressed and ready-set. Once you get a call for a quick meeting, you don’t want to be running late simply because you were not sure of what to wear. Having your outfits planned makes you ready anytime duty calls.

4. Shop Strategically – Shopping strategically allows you to pay more attention  to what to shop for and when to shop. Take time off your busy schedule to plan your shopping and have time to try them out to be sure they fit properly and are suitable for your occasions.

5. Always have your basic accessories on standby – Classic, simple jewelry, handbags and shoes should always be readily available. You can start with the neutral colors such as black, brown, blue and red and then add more colors as you go.

We hope you find these tips useful as an entrepreneur.



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