Tips on how to organize your day at work.

Staying organized at work can help increase productivity and reduce stress by making it easier to know what to expect at work. If you’re always rushing around trying to get things done, it might be time for you to better organize your day. Here are some strategies to help you keep your day organized at work:

Keep a To-Do list

Keeping a to-do list can help promote focus and foster productivity. Adding to the initial to-do list throughout the day can help you keep a clear idea of your goals.
A short to-do list of larger tasks might be overwhelming; breaking big tasks down into smaller portions is a strategy that can often help address the procrastination that comes from feeling overwhelmed.

Reduce Multitasking

Multitasking may sound like the perfect way to get many things done at once, but unfortunately, this is not true in many situations. You may even find that multitasking can actually take longer than completing tasks individually. Try as much as possible to reduce multitasking and one tip is to block out certain times in your schedule for tasks that require your full attention. During those times, close all other tabs and turn off all your notifications.

Address your tasks in order of importance.

Instead of starting your day with smaller tasks like answering emails, begin by addressing your largest or most stressful tasks. This might take the largest amount of time in your day, but it ultimately will help your workflows move faster. Completing the largest jobs first can keep you motivated to finish the smaller tasks on your to-do list quickly without using up all your energy.

Identify distractions and minimize them.

Identifying and minimizing distractions can help keep your day organized. Emails, texts, phone calls and especially social media are a few common reasons behind distractions. You need to intentionally set boundaries for yourself to minimize these distractions at work. For example, schedule specific times to take care of emails, in order to stay on task and not get distracted by every new message in your inbox. You could also consider putting your phone on airplane mode to keep from being distracted with calls and texts. These strategies can help reduce the number of distractions you experience and the time a distraction takes away from your current task.

Introduce balance into your schedule.

This includes taking breaks, incorporating meal plans and workout plans in your schedule, etc. Sacrificing work-life balance for short-term productivity makes you feel burnt-out most of the time. A lack of balance can cause you to forget or neglect your organizational habits. Hence achieving or incorporating balance into your organizational plans is highly beneficial both to you and to your work.

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