Tips on Developing a Good Work Culture In Your Business.

A company culture is the shared set of values, beliefs and attitudes that guide your organization. It’s reflected in the way you treat your customers and employees. It impacts the types of candidates you attract for open positions. A strong work culture boosts productivity, decreases turnover and improves employee engagement.
Here are some tips on developing a good work culture for your business:

  • Set Clear Departmental Goals

Outline the objectives of each team so employees have tangible results to work toward. Not only will this help to guide individual performance, but it will also encourage collaboration between team members. Employees should clearly understand what’s important and what’s not. Make them realize how their work experience can be enhanced when they meet these goals. This creates transparency, which leads to positive company culture.

  • Recognize And Reward Good Work

Recognize and reward employees for achieving outstanding results. Doing so will encourage employees to continue performing at impressive levels and make them feel valued within the company. It will also motivate their peers to improve their game, fostering a work culture of friendly competition that leads to high performance.

  • Be Flexible

Employees shouldn’t fear repercussions for taking time to manage other emergencies or responsibilities outside of work. There should be an adequate balance when it comes to work-life balance at the workplace. You’ll earn the respect of your employees rather than the reputation of being unaccommodating and unapproachable.

  • Accept and utilize your employee’s feedback

As an employer, try to change your perspective on feedback. Rather than considering it to be indicative of something you’re doing wrong, think of it as the opposite — your employees care so much about the organization and its success that they are trying to help make it better. They’re choosing to bring their pain points to your attention, and it gives you the opportunity to fix them instead of the employee stewing over them and eventually leaving the company out of frustration.

  • Increase/Focus on employee engagement.

As a manager, you have to find a way to keep your employees happy and engaged at work. Having employees who are “emotionally and psychologically attached to their work and workplace” is crucial to creating positive employee relationships and a successful bottom line. Studies have found that highly engaged employees are 17% more productive and have a 41% lower rate of absenteeism. In order to increase employee engagement, you can hire and develop great managers, provide managers with the resources they need and set clear and achievable goals.

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