The Power of Journaling Your Goals and Using as a Checklist

Journaling is a process of writing down your thoughts, goals, and or happenings, unloading what is going on in your head so as to have a clearer mind and help with self-reflection.

This might seem similar to keeping a diary but journaling is much more. It is an
exceptional tool that helps you keep track of your progress over a period. You
get to express yourself in detail, from noting down what you want, to including
steps you have to achieve it, writing down your progress, how far you have
come, and lessons you are learning in the process.

Here are few important reasons why you should journal your goals:

Helps to Structure your Thoughts – Journaling your goals help to structure your thoughts, keeping your goals aligned. When you have a goal in mind, it can just be an idea or a thought, it’s easy to let it come and go, but once you write it down or type it, then it easily becomes doable, and achievable.

Helps Create a Checklist – Once you write down your goal, you create a checklist of items and steps to take to achieve this goal. You can track progress of what you are able to achieve and what needs more attention, by giving each checklist an attainable timeline.

Helps to always have a Plan to work with – By journaling your goals, you are able to follow through a plan which highlights what is next after the initial goal is completed. While goals can change along the line because of life’s uncertainties, writing down your goals helps you to know what to do next and most probably know how to go about it. It also helps you to recalibrate and get back on track.

Helps to Stay Organized – Seeing your goals written down with a well-planned checklist can help you stay organized. It can also help you put things in better perspective with a clear idea on how to approach each goal in an orderly fashion.

To start journaling today, set aside time to write or type out your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Take out your journal as often as possible to note your processes. You can even set time aside in your calendar, daily, weekly, or monthly to sit down, write and reflect on your goals and how you can achieve



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