Customer service is the act of providing support to both prospective and existing customers. Good customer service is a revenue generator. It gives customers a complete, cohesive experience that aligns with an organization’s purpose. There are a lot of customer service skills to invest in that will boost your business. However, we will be summarizing all these skills in just four (4) key principles or points.

1. Quality of Personal Interactions

Good customer service always starts with a human touch. Personalized interactions greatly improve customer service and let customers know that your company cares about them and their problems. How you talk to them, how you welcome them or greet them, the words you use and the jokes you tell, right down to how you interact with them when you serve them. Your tone of voice and even little incentives you offer them for their patronization of your business. Instead of thinking of service as a cost, consider it an opportunity to earn your customer’s business all over again.

2. Competent Employees

Consumers have identified competency as the element that plays the biggest role in a good customer experience. To be competent, an employee must have a strong knowledge of the company and its products, as well as the power to fix the customer’s problems. The more knowledge they have, the more competent they become. It is worth the money to invest in competent employees who not only have knowledge about the job but in other things such as emotional intelligence and how to handle different types of customers or demands.

3. Convenience

Invest in the convenience of your customers. Customers want to be able to get in touch with you through whichever channel is the most convenient for them. Offer support through the channels of communication your customers rely on most and make it easy for customers to figure out how to contact you. Make use of social media, ensure your websites are user friendly and most importantly make sure your contact numbers are always active. Depending on the kind of business you run, consider other ways you can provide convenience to your audience. For example, initiating a delivery system instead of solely relying on store pickups and the like.

4. Proactiveness

Customers want companies to be proactive in reaching out to them. If one of your products is backordered or your website is going to experience downtime, proactively reach out to your customers and explain the problem to avoid any inconvenience. They may not be happy about the situation, but they will be thankful that you kept them in the loop.

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