The Harmattan Season is Almost Here. Here Are Clothes You Should be Shopping For

Harmattan season is drawing close and if there is anything this season is known for, it would be the cold, dryness, and dust, which is why you should pay attention to what you wear.

Putting together outfits during the harmattan season can be difficult sometimes. The weather can shift from extreme cold to hot and sweaty in a matter of hours. You wear a sweater in the morning, and it gets so hot in the afternoon, you have to take it off.

You have to dress strategically and appropriately to accommodate the fluctuating weather. When you combine good outfits, the weather has nothing on you.

As harmattan season gets close, we’ve gathered the best clothes you should start shopping for;

1. Long Dresses – You should shop for below the knee dresses to keep you covered from the harshness of the sun and dryness of harmattan. Harmattan is certainly not the best time to leave some parts of your legs or hands exposed. The weather will dry you up and make your skin unattractive.

2. Long-sleeve Shirts – Your top choice of clothes during this period should be long sleeve shirts or outfits. The shirts will cover up your skin from the dry weather to prevent your skin from losing its moistness, keep you a bit warm when its cold and you don’t get uncomfortably hot during the afternoon.

3. Suits – Wearing a suit is a perfect way to go all-in straight, without messing up your style. While protecting yourself from the weather, you definitely will still look classic.

Now, don’t forget to wear something comfortable inside. This way, even if the weather becomes hot, you can take off your suit and wear only your inner shirt or top and still feel comfortable.

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