Off-duty style refers to your casual weekend outfits and is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Think pretty but practical pieces that will have you feeling amazing with near-zero effort.

Here are some outfit ideas to inspire your weekends:

1. Smart Casual Outfits

Admit it, we’ve all at some stage asked ourselves “what is smart casual”? Smart casual outfits are often polished and formal looks with a relaxed feel.  The best smart casual looks are those that can look smarter or casual-er with just a few simple accessory tweaks.

An elegant midi dress is the perfect blend of smart and casual and is a great weekend outfit if you require fuss-free style. Simply pair with some classic ankle boots or sneakers and you’ve got an outfit you can wear time and time again.


2. Cute Lounging Outfits

Is There Anything More Off-Duty Than A Night In? Whether Indulging In Some Self-Care With A Facemask And Glass Of Bubbly Or Sinking Into The Sofa With A Big Bar Of Chocolate And A Movie, Lounge Outfits Are The Epitome Of Comfort.

For ultimate cosiness, you can’t go wrong with a bright pair of pyjamas and a snuggly dressing gown. A pair of joggers or leggings are also a great choice (bonus points, you can wear them outside), and of course, where would we be without a comfy pair of slippers? (All of which can be found in COCA)

3. Date Night Outfits

Wondering what to wear on a date night or a spontaneous trip to the pub with your girls? You could opt for a jumper and a long floaty skirt, or for something a little bit different like a floral print dress or jumpsuit. Pick your favorite handbag and a pair of flats or sandals and now you have the perfect casual date night outfit.

4. Brunch Outfits

Bottomless brunch outfits should be smart casual with a touch of glamour; think elegant shirt dresses coupled with gorgeous statement jewellery. Or if you’re simply heading out for a light lunch and crisp white wine, a cute flowy floral dress will do just fine.

Everyone needs a few glamorous everyday looks in their wardrobe; the kind that you don’t even have to think about, you just know they’ll look good.

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