It is important to take care of yourself and give your body, soul and mind the attention it needs. Here are some healthcare tips from us to you!

1. Stay Hydrated
Water is life! Water helps to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy in addition to giving you energy throughout the day!

2. Prioritize your sleep.
Getting enough good-quality sleep keeps your immune system running at its best to fight off infections. There are parts of the body’s immune response that happen only during sleep. Scientists know sleep is also one of the top ways we can help keep stress in check, as sleep deprivation can make us more sensitive to the effects of stress, ramping up our reactions (or overreactions).
Finally, the brain needs sleep to function; without it you’ll be less patient and focused, make poor decisions, and be more moody, irritable, and emotional.

3. Exercise
Staying active keeps your body healthy physically, keeping your risk of chronic health issues down. Exercise releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good!), sharpens focus, and aids sleep. Staying physically active also lessens the risk of mood disorders, increases energy, and improves mood overall.

4. Have a good eating pattern!
Most of us get so busy that we mostly skip breakfast or lunch. Be kind to your body and mind and get something to eat!


5. Develop a “Don’t do” list.
Self-care doesn’t always have to be an action item. It can be about freeing up space for the things that matter in your life and removing those that steal your energy.
You can implement this “Don’t do” list most during the weekends or on vacations. Ban yourself from engaging in work and other activities that will distract you from actually relaxing and taking care of yourself!



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