October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; What You Need To Do

It’s the pink ribbon season again, a symbol of breast cancer awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) movement began in October 1985 by the American Cancer Society and AstraZeneca as a month-long campaign dedicated to increasing public awareness and education on the risk factors.

Also included are signs and symptoms, the importance of diagnosing cancer at early stages when treatment is easier and outcome is better, stigma linked to the treatment process, breast cancer survivors and patients encouraged to share their stories.

Breast Cancer is an unpleasant disease that takes the lives of far too many people every year, mostly women, with a few men too. There are many different events held in October each year to raise awareness for breast cancer, such as run-for-a-cure, conferences, or other events.

Here are a couple of things you need to do in this Pinktober;

Get Tested – Make it a point this month to visit any health service provider to get tested. The good thing is a lot of organizations also offer free breast cancer screening in the month of October in other to promote awareness, so you can take advantage of this and find a center close to you and get tested.

Support the cause – Throughout this month, organisations and NGO’s raise funds to support the efforts in creating awareness and help people who are battling the disease. Identify some of these organisations and support with your donations. Encourage others to do same.

See a Specialist – If in the process of screening and you notice a symptom or two like lumps, pain, and discoloration this means you need to see a breast cancer specialist. The specialist will conduct more tests to determine whether the symptoms are signs of benign breast disease or breast cancer. Early detection is the key to favorable outcomes for breast cancer.

Celebrate Survivors –  Many people have survived cancer, they fought and won. Honor and celebrate their stories and victories. If you know someone who has survived breast cancer, check in on them this month. See how they are faring, especially with the constant reminders.

Participate in a BCAM event – There are many events organized in the month of October to raise funds and awareness about the impact of breast cancer, you can participate in the activity, volunteer your time, or organize one yourself if there happens to be none around you.

Educate Yourself and Self-Check -Research and read about breast cancer, educate yourself on how to prevent, how to self-check, what the are the symptoms, where and how you can get screened, and more.

Get involved this month as we mark Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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