Making the most out of your weekends.

You need to make the most out of your weekends, especially after the busy hustle and bustle throughout the week. Most of the time, our weekends tend to fizzle out and not meet our expectations. Your weekend has 72 hours, here are some tips on how to make the most of it!

1. Plan ahead
Aside for the fact that planning helps you get things done, planning your weekend makes you excited for the weekend! Planning your weekend will have you imagining on Wednesday, that restaurant dinner you have planned for Saturday night which gives you an extra boost for both the rest of your week and your weekend!

2. Change your mindset
You can change how satisfied you are with your weekend simply by changing your mindset. Quick story. Some researchers conducted a research on two different groups of people. Group one was on the Friday before the weekend began to treat the weekend like a vacation and group two was told to treat it like a regular weekend. What they found was that those who had treated their weekend as a vacation were significantly happier than those who had treated it as a regular weekend.

However, the interesting part is that group one was not happier because of any differences in the activities both groups partook in. Instead, it was treating the time like a vacation that seemed to make the “vacationers” more mindful of and attentive to the present moment throughout their weekend’s activities. In other words, the vacation-minded people were not happier because they did fewer chores; they were happier because they were more present in whatever it was that they were doing.

In summary, live in the present anytime the weekend comes around and you would find that you are much more fulfilled at the end of it!

3. Get outdoors!
Go outside, go for a walk, a run, see nature, take pictures. It’s amazing how getting a bit of exercise and fresh air will leave you energized and if you share the experience with others, then that’s an added bonus.

4. Don’t fill every minute
Just because you’ve got a plan does not mean the weekends need to look like your weekdays. Relax with all your extra plans and activities and make time for rest and self-care while you’re at it!

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