Landing a New Job

When you start a new job, you’re both excited and nervous at the same time and looking forward to all the unknown adventures that await you. The first couple of weeks working there can be exciting, terrifying, and confusing. These times can really make or break your time at your new job.  

It may take some time for you to fit in, but you will eventually settle into a comfortable routine at your new job. Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring you settle in seamlessly:
1. Get acquainted to the organization’s house style – Fitting in at a new job often means observing the culture of the company and adapting to it. Every organization has a culture and you need to know what the culture of that organization is and learn to adjust with time. You may be hired based on your experience and you probably expressed a variety of values that made you a good match for the company. Openly embrace the culture of your new company by making the office norms your new habit.

2. Set your own goals – Within the first few weeks on the job, make it a point to establish some goals that will keep you in check on your new role. Task yourself and set goals you can accomplish in your first three months and in a year and plan how you would continually improve on yourself and be efficient. This can set you off in the right direction. Goal-setting strategies are important in every stage of your career.

3. Seek out mentorship – Sometimes the best way to familiarize yourself with your new position, as well as a company, is to seek out a mentor. After observing daily operations for a while, reach out to someone you admire within the company. Send them an email or stop by their office and share your interest in learning more about and from their experiences. It can also create the opportunity for them to look out for you and help you through difficult times.

4. Always be authentic – It can be tempting to change your personality in order to fit into any new job. You should stay professional, but try to not change your personality too much. Being yourself also means you will be able to build genuine relationships with your new colleagues.

5. Accept Social Invitations – If your new co-workers traditionally go out together once a week, or if there is an event, accept their invitation to get to know them beyond the office and feel comfortable to be included. These gatherings are premium networking opportunities to get to know your colleagues. You will get to know how everyone interacts on a social level and may be introduced to other key members of the company. It will also give others the chance to get to know you, which will make them more comfortable with you as well.

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