We’re all guilty of self-sabotage at some point. Especially as business owners, we self-sabotage with startling regularity. Several factors play into a business failing to grow into its true potential most of which are due to our unconscious behaviors and decisions as entrepreneurs. Listed below are some bad habits to get rid off in order not to contribute to sabotaging your entrepreneurial success:

1. Lack of Confidence

When you have all the knowledge, skills and experiences but you second guess your decisions and do not believe in your powers, you end up sabotaging your business at its baby stage. This lack of confidence makes substantial gains impossible to achieve. Confidence in your product and/or service, your ability to successfully grow your business, and your capacity to take on new responsibilities and new markets all play a vital role in small business growth.

2. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is linked to fear of failure. Though we want to be the best at what we do, the key is to recognize when you’re holding yourself back. Striving endlessly for perfection is only going to clog up the business pipes, because your offers will never feel complete. Accept that it’s okay for something to be as close to perfect as possible, without it being precisely what you envisioned. Aim for progress over perfection. There will always be room for improvement and you’re self-sabotaging if you become too picky over things that don’t matter. Perfect doesn’t exist.

3. Failure to control costs.

In the excitement of new opportunities and ideas, it’s easy to let costs grow out of control rendering any gains pointless as you break the bank, even at new heights. It is important to always consider costs alongside your growth.

4. Diving into your work without a plan

You need to adequately plan your business. We tend to jump into the tasks that pop up each day without deeply thinking and strategizing about how we are spending our time. As entrepreneurs, we tend to work hard and work long hours. But do we think hard enough and often enough about how we choose our daily tasks? Do we strategize and have a written plan for what our personal time priorities will be for the year, the month, and each day? Focus your day before you start. Strategize how you will spend the shift. This will go a long way to increase your productivity and contribute to your success.


5. Too much ambition.

A business that attempts to change too rapidly, or expands too broadly, often ends up with less successful results than one which focuses its efforts and develops specific, realistic goals.

6. “In the box” thinking

Getting trapped in preconceptions about your business limits your ability to grow. In many cases, your greatest route to growth will be something new and different. Don’t sabotage your potential by closing your mind to the possibilities.

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