It’s normal to be both nervous and excited before starting a new job. With a new job comes a lot of change, such as a new commute, new colleagues, and a new set of expectations. In order to ensure a strong start, you will have to adapt quickly. Here are some tips for ensuring you settle in quickly:

Build Rapport

It can be easy to embrace your inner introvert in the first few weeks of work, but it’s important to put yourself out there and network from a safe distance of course or virtually. Start by introducing yourself instead of relying on your co-workers to do it for you and ask people what their roles entail.

Write everything down

Whether it’s a name, a task you’ve been given or snippets of information of the company, be sure to make notes. With so much going on in the beginning, it’s easy to forget key details so make sure you always keep a notepad close by!

Understand the new culture

With a new job comes a new working culture, which might be different from what you are used to. Your new company may have very different business objectives and values. Getting to know what it looks like as soon as you can, will help you feel more comfortable in your new working environment in a quicker timeframe. Use the first few weeks to immerse yourself in the culture. Take note of how tough decisions are made or the process for discussing key topics. As someone with a fresh perspective, you may develop your own ideas on how to improve things from a culture perspective. However, make sure adequate time is taken to absorb everything before suggestions are put forward. When the team sees that you’ve tried things their way first, they will be more likely to listen. Always remember to start with a positive attitude as you integrate yourself into the new environment.

Ask lots of questions

The worst thing a new person can do is assume they have all the answers. Especially, if those answers are based on how they did it at their old job. When in a new place the easiest and surest way to get up to speed is task many, many questions. This not only shows initiative, but it shows you care about getting things done properly the first time. The big advantage to being new is that lots of questions are allowed. Although questions should always be invited, you won’t have the same chance a few months in so take advantage of this period.

Get some one-on-one time with your boss.

This is not always possible. But if you can get some one-on-one time with your boss, it can be an invaluable experience. Getting information and expectations directly from the horse’s mouth can be important for your continued success. Knowing how often you should communicate with your boss, and in what format will put you in good stead. It can also help humanize you to your new boss. Instead of just being another employee that HR or whoever hired, you became a tangible person rather than a name on the outgoing spend spreadsheet.

Dress to impress

The few first weeks it’s all eyes on you! Whether you’re working remotely or at work with social distancing measures, ask your hiring manger what the dress code is and stick to it. You don’t want to get caught on a video meeting in your pyjamas so whether it’s business formal, casual or corporate clothing – make sure you look the part!


Just be you

Being is hard enough without trying to be someone else. After all, this is your new job, your livelihood, being yourself is the easiest way of being consistent. It will let people know what to expect today, tomorrow, and in a month from now.

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