Having an organized closet is the gateway to having an organized room and an organized life. However, even the tidiest homeowners can struggle with closet organization. Closets fit everything from shirts to shoes to random storage, which means that they can quickly become messy.

While an organized closet may seem like it is too big of a job, you can easily break it down into simple steps for a weekend chore. Here are some steps to follow in organizing your closet.

1. Sort through your Clothes.

This includes taking out all your clothes, shoes and accessories from your closet. You may have the urge to keep everything, or toss everything.

But go through systematically and piece by piece to really decide on the ones that you would keep. Aside that, you should decide on the ones you will “store” as well.

You should store the clothes that you won’t be wearing for a while because they aren’t seasonally appropriate. You can also store clothes that are of sentimental value to you.

The last step of sorting out your clothes is deciding on the ones you would donate or toss out.

2. Clean the inside of your closet.

You should do this before you put back your clothes. Vacuum or sweep the floor, wipe the walls down and sweep away any cobwebs that may have accumulated there. If you want to make any changes, such as painting the inside a different colour or adding and removing some shelves, do it now.

3. Evaluate your closet space.

While your closet is empty, take a look at it. Evaluate the amount of hanging space and shelves you have, and whether your sorted groups will fit in those spaces.

Do you prefer hanging clothes so you can see them better, or do you like neatly folded stacks of clothes? When deciding on your ideal closet design, consider ways to add in new organization and storage ideas.

You can add shower rods or a clothes rack to your closet for more hanger space. You can buy a bookcase or shoe rack for shoe storage. You can install shelving on the wall for folded clothes or storage space and set up shelf dividers to give you a little extra space. Evaluate your space and consider what will work best with your preferences.

4. Put your clothes back in.

Next, it is time to add your clothes back into the closet. Be sure to follow the new closet system, but feel free to make tweaks along the way if you see a better way to organize it.

Make effective use of the hangers, wall space, racks, cupboards, etc and be sure to make it more visually appealing.

5. Maintaining your newly organized closet.

The more often you work on closet maintenance, the less time it will take. Go through your closet and complete a quick makeover (or make-under) once a month, and tackle the full re-organization process twice a year.

Make it easy on yourself by following a cleaning schedule, either by season, by date or by an event. The next time you can’t find an important piece of clothing, that’s a good sign you need to re-organize your closet.

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