In as much as balancing work and personal life is essential, it can be challenging. Often, the desire to succeed at work takes much of our time and we can easily ignore our wellbeing. To maintain a stable work-life balance, we must try to equally prioritize the demands of our work and the demands of our personal life.

A good work-life balance has numerous benefits such as less stress, lower risk of burnout, and a greater sense of well-being improving not only our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, but it also improves our productivity at work.

Here are five ways to create a better work-life balance:

Prioritize your health – Your overall physical, emotional, and mental health should be your concern. If you are sick, do not hesitate to call in sick. When you overwork yourself, it takes more time for you to get better, which might cause you to take more days off work, resulting in less productivity. Prioritizing your health can simply mean making time off to rest when you feel tired.

Make time for yourself and loved ones – While your job is important, it should not take control of your entire life. You should make a conscious effort to spend time with yourself, your family and your friends. Quit using your work as an excuse not to spend time doing other things that bring you happiness.

Set boundaries – Set healthy boundaries for yourself to reduce burnout. Avoid carrying work to the house unless it is very necessary. As much as you can, set timelines to do specific tasks so you can manage times for work and other personal things.

Set Achievable goals and priorities – Set achievable goals and stick to them. Apply time-management strategies, have a to-do list, and cut out tasks that have little or no value. Set your important tasks higher and monitor your progress.

Avoid checking your phone which can be distractive and derail your attention and productivity. Structure your day well to increase productivity at work, which can result in more free time to relax outside of work.

Unplug – Taking time off to focus and relax helps you refuel. This can mean taking a weekend out of town to unwind or a vacation or just staying indoors to rest, enjoying some of the things you love doing such as watching movies, listening to music, or reading a book. It is important to take time off to take off and recharge both mentally and physically.

Creating a work-life balance is essential and increases your productivity both at work and in our personal lives.

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