How to Find Fashion Inspiration and Match It With Your Personal Style

Your personal style should be reflective of your likes, creativity, and lifestyle.  When you develop a personal style, you are curating a unique image and wardrobe that helps you to express yourself and embody the person you want to be.

Not only can it hugely impact on peoples’ impressions and perception of you, but it can also be a tool to elevate you. Your personal style is a unique combination of fashion categories such as (classic, trendy, casual, etc) that encapsulates what you do, who you are, and what you like.

Defining your style and developing a unique look is one of the most effective communication tools.  It’s an expression of creativity, an impactful first impression, and a voice that speaks without words.

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere, and the most reliable style resources are right at your fingertips:

  • Start with the people you know – If you have no idea how to get started with your personal style, pull in your most basic resources: family and friends. Who do you admire the most in your family? Who do you admire at work? What are they wearing that makes you think they look nice? Start to use those outfit ideas as a reference point. You don’t have to go for the exact outfits they wear but you can take inspiration from their looks.
  • Search online – Did you know, you could easily find the style that suits you by doing a few searches on, google, Pinterest, and YouTube?.  If you know you’re interested in a classic or casual style, search for those terms. If you’re not sure, keep it more basic, search for “women’s style.” If you’re plus size, you can add on “plus-size style.” And there will be an abundance of options available to you.
  • Spend time on social media – Observe how influencers and celebrities dress, from casual outfits to work-ready blazers and pants. Blogs are full of fashion tips and inspiration, so find a few fashion blogs and bloggers whose style you admire and search through their archives for your favorite outfits.
  • Look beyond fashion – When looking for inspiration, remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to come from fashion. You might be inspired by art, a movie, or nature. If you see a flower with amazing colors, try to incorporate those colors into your look. That kind of real-world style inspiration is where many designers actually get their fashion ideas. Inspiration from outside the realm of fashion can help you find a look that is unique, rather than simply being trendy.

Creating your own personal style can make you unique and recognizable. Shop from COCA LOOK and find your Style.



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