Many of us may be reeling from failing to achieve some goals we set for the year or nursing some wounds from some unexpected events that occurred during the year. Some of us might have started projects we did not finish or ended relationships that we cherished. Whether it’s a failed opportunity or an incomplete journey, here are some tips to help you deal with end of year disappointment!

1. Let it out

Let out any emotion it is that you need to feel, whether it’s anger, sadness or disappointment. You can let it out by confiding in friends, loved ones or through a creative outlet like writing in a journal or taking up an activity like jogging. Letting it out improves your emotional health. Research has shown that emotional suppression can hinder our personal growth.

2. Be Grateful

Somethings might not have turned out the way you hoped, however, other things did. Take some time to reflect on the things that went right during the year, especially the unexpected and unplanned ones. Sometimes it’s easier to gain a clearer perspective when you speak to loved ones. When you get an outside perspective other than your own, you can begin to see things for what they really are, rather than how you feel about them. You see the bigger picture.

3. Practice self-acceptance

Once you’ve checked in with yourself and your supporters, it’s easier to accept where you are as the right starting point for a fresh start.  Practicing self-acceptance means practicing positive self-talk and continually rooting yourself in the “now.” Accepting the present moment allows you to acknowledge what is real and move forward to a better tomorrow.

4. Don’t let it consume you

The worst thing you can do is to allow negative experiences to take over you. Yes, take time to mourn the season and let your emotions out but the significant factor here is time. Once, you’ve given yourself enough time to come to terms with the present, do not sit in the negativity. It’s time to bounce back bigger, better, and greater. It’s time to begin again. Allowing disappointment to fester and marinate will only birth resentment, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

We hope these tips give you a little push to finish off the year with smiles and gratitude!

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