Here’s What You Need To Do To Grow Your Network

One of the major success factors for practically any professional is the depth of your network which is a factor that is easily overlooked. By building and maintaining professional relationships, you can gain access to opportunities that you may not have come across on your own.

Your professional network could offer insight and connections into different fields and support you when needed. Networking plays a vital role in the success of your career no matter your industry. But it takes a little bit more effort to make the right connection that would open new doors to amazing opportunities. Here are some of the ways to grow your network;

Strengthen Existing Network – Before you go ahead to build new connections, you need to first work on maintaining the ones you already have. Establish mutual lines of engagement to keep them in your network.

Attend Events – One of the best ways to grow your network is through attending events. Attending industry related events don’t only offer an opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and skill set, but are also great places to meet new people, introduce yourself and what you do. Make the most out of these by identifying 3-5 conferences, seminars, or training sessions you would like to attend each year.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile – As a professional or entrepreneur, it is great to have a LinkedIn profile. But what is important is to spend a little more time each week to post, share, and connect with other professionals. Update your profile anytime you change jobs and roles and share your career information
with your network. There’s a high possibility that your connections on the professional networking platform will check your profile changes. It is also a great place to learn about new jobs.

Grow a Professional Social Media Presence – We all know the power of social media when it comes to personal branding. You do not want to have an account that doesn’t reflect who you are or what you do. Let your bio reflect what you do and create an industry-specific feed that allows you to share your insights about your profession to build engagement. By doing this you would get the relevant following in your industry, and you can maintain that connection with your professional network.

Volunteer -One of the most effective ways to positively network is to offer your services to support a cause. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while making an impact. Supporting an organization or project you are passionate about increases your network and offer new leads.

In conclusion, it is great to keep growing your network but always make sure it is mutually beneficial to you both.




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