Here is why you need to take a break this Weekend

Taking time off is healthy and even though many of us can’t take a weeklong vacation to destress, you can at least take advantage of your weekends. Disconnecting from work over the weekend has a number of benefitslike, increased productivity, creativity and job satisfaction because you put in your best.

This weekend, try not to use your laptop unless it’s to watch a movie, and you might consider giving your cell phone a rest as well.  Being constantly connected to smartphones and social media can keep you preoccupied with events happening all over, what other people are doing, and your own job. This can suck your mental energy when you should be recharging. Unplug for all or most of the weekend, and focus on things you want to do.

Here are three reasons why you should take a break this weekend to destress:

  1. Improves productivity and creativity – Taking time off work to get some rest makes you more productive. While our culture may be pushing us towards working overtime, 24/7, this clearly does not help us becomeproductive or come up with creative solutions to our problems. Taking some time off to rest not only boosts creativity and the ability to quickly solve problems, but it also make you work more efficiently, as your performance rate will increase.
  2. Mental Clarity – Taking time off from work will enable you to focus your attention on other things such as your family, friends, a hobby, or even just to simply chill out on the sofa and do nothing. Either way, having some time away from being in ‘work-mode’ enables you to return to work refreshed with mental clarity. You should take a break so you can gain mental clarity.
  3. Better Mental and Physical Health – Taking a break from work may be critical to your long-term health and well-being. You can consider taking a vacation, as this can lead to better health outcomes, like lower rates of heart disease; reduced stress, depression, and anxiety; improved productivity; and overall higher life satisfaction.

We hope you find these helpful and planning for a restful weekend.



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