General tips on suits for interviews

A job interview is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Here are some general tips you could use for your next interview!

1. A navy-blue blazer for unlimited options

A navy-blue blazer is a great addition to your interview wardrobe. Not only can you wear a blazer on numerous occasions, but it also works well with many different outfits—over a button-down, with a blouse, and even with a dress. A navy blue blazer also looks great paired with a simple blouse or button-down shirt. It’s a staple combination that you can wear with khaki pants, a khaki skirt, and even dark-wash jeans in a casual workplace or to a casual interview.

2. Button down shirts are must-haves.

Button-down shirts do not have to be boring. You can experiment with them! You can experiment with the type of fabric and be creative with colour too. When you’re shopping for a button-down, remember that the neckline should be modest. Make sure your bra is covered, and avoid showing cleavage. It is also a good idea to keep your button-down tucked in unless it is a style that is designed to be worn not tucked in.

3. Blouses

Look for blouses with interesting details. A simple design or pattern can give you a touch of that classy and elegant yet interesting look.

4. Black office dress

You can never go wrong with a black office dress. Every lady must own one of these as they almost always come in handy. It’s simple yet refined at the same time. A dress with a structured fit and nice details is professional yet still modern. You can pair the outfit with some accessories to give it some life and color.

5. Statement Dress

Although it’s important that your interview attire is professional and conservative, that does not mean you cannot experiment with color. A tasteful dress in an interesting color, such as turquoise or deep red, is a good addition to your interview wardrobe. These types of dresses speak for themselves hence, you would not have to add accessories.

As an additional tip, always make sure that both the neckline and hemline of your attire are appropriate: avoid short dresses and low-cut, revealing necklines. With a bright-coloured dress, it is more important than ever that the piece covers you appropriately.

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