Finding And Owning Your Voice in Your Career

It is one thing to find your voice and another to own it. Being able to do both means you can communicate effectively and express yourself in the best possible way.

Whether you are an employer or working as an employee, being able to find and own your voice allows you to manage your communications with the different groups of individuals and personalities you work with. Not being able to do that can hamper our career aspirations and development.

Below are a few ideas on how to find and own your voice:

Know who you are – A lot of work must go into knowing who you are and what your career aspirations are. In finding your voice, you need to figure out what your voice is. What kind of issues are you comfortable to speak on and how are you able to express yourself? Does speaking on these issues give you any kind of fulfillment? Once you find your voice, take space, and be known for it.

Know when to speak and when to listen – An important part of finding and owning your voice is knowing when to speak and when to listen. When you are able to separate these two, you become better at communicating. Recognize when you have something valuable to say and participate in the conversation when you have. Don’t speak for the sake of speaking.

Know your value and what you bring to the table – For people who are able to find their voice, they speak out. They share their thoughts and opinions on subject matters that bother on their profession. They also take space and get recognized in their industry because they know their value and are ready and willing to share whenever their experience or knowledge is sought after.

Be Prepared and Confident – To find and own and own your voice also requires that you show up prepared. Preparation allows you to confidently put together your ideas and thoughts in ways that demonstrate your depth and knowledge of a subject matter. This boosts your self-worth, gives you confidence and empowers you to be your best advocate.

Finally in building your career, your voice is your power, own it and become recognized for what you stand for in a positive way. We hope you find these useful in charting your own path in your career.


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