If you want to be a high-class lady, you have to develop a sense of what is good and appropriate in every situation. It is not only about how you present yourself but also how you behave, how you speak, how you treat others and how you think.  In this age of social media, it’s easy for manners and basic etiquette to fall by the wayside.

Here are 6 rules you should always have in mind:

Look Your Best – Take time and be interested in how you present yourself, both in appearance and in manners. Look the part and dress to make impression; this can be a serious make-or-break situation. Dressing well and dressing appropriately are two completely different things. However you make the presentation says a lot about you, so always make sure your clothes are well cleaned, looking crisp, ironed to perfection, and most importantly make sure you are comfortable in what you wear.

Listen Before Speaking – Respect for others is a requirement of good manners. Listening to others is a way to show respect. Be genuinely interested in others; learn their names. Never interrupt. Look them in the eye and listen carefully. Do not be in hurry to respond or comment about things you don’t know much about. Being a good listener is often better than speaking.

Refrain from using vulgar language and swear words – It is considered unprofessional for you to use vulgar language and swear words in conversations. At all cost avoid them as people who do this this are usually very immature and have no self-control or respect for themselves and others. Always understand that the language you use represents your thoughts and your heart.

Speak confidently – Talk clearly enough for others to understand you. Avoid using too many filler words such as “um, er, like” because that will make you look unprepared.

Watch The Way You Eat and when to Eat– No matter how much you want to dig in when you see food, wait until everyone has been served before you start eating or better still when everyone is allowed to eat. And be mindful of how you eat in public. Don’t chew with an open mouth, don’t talk with a full mouth.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol – Having fun, meeting with friends is completely normal. But remember that here’s a line you should never cross. Getting completely wasted makes you lose your self-respect. Drink as much as you need to have a little fun, but not so much for you to start saying all sort of things you would likely regret when you look back at your actions.

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