Different ways to style your corporate look

Your work week may be so busy that you might hardly have the time to plan your work outfits. Amid all the ups and downs that comes with running around at work, it is highly essential to put together outfits that make you feel both comfortable and confident.
Here are some tips on styling your comfortable yet stylish corporate looks!

Blazer, tops, pants and flats
A general outfit every corporate individual should have are a pair of blazer, top, pants and flats. This combination pairs really well together especially when opting for that comfy yet classy look.

A midi-dress and heels/flats
Pairing a midi-dress with flats or heels is another way to go when it comes to that corporate look. Don’t be afraid to play with bold colours occasionally to keep things interesting.

Skirt suits and pant suits
It’s always good to have a suit or two in your closet especially for that signature Monday look. Blue or black suits are most preferred however, playing with a little colour and design can be fun for a Friday work look!

Jumpsuit and heels
There are days when you don’t have time to think let alone plan out your outfits, and for those moments, one of the best solutions is a jumpsuit. They are effective, smart and can be worn heels or flats.

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