If you’ve ever worked in an office, attended a corporate meeting, or had a professional interview, you’ll no doubt understand the challenge of dressing for business. Investing in ladies’ suits is one of the most worthwhile fashion decisions a woman can make.

While other aspects of women’s fashion tend to receive more coverage, a variety of dress suits in a woman’s wardrobe is just as essential and instantly adds power and polish to your wardrobe.

Here are some different types of suits every corporate lady should have:


Go for a classic slim-fit pantsuit in black color and style it with classy pumps and silvery earrings for that corporate look. You could also have a mismatched pantsuit such as blue blazer and black trousers or play around with a more casual look by combining a bold color pantsuit with some flats and subtle jewelry.


A skirt suit can be versatile in the sense that it can be worn both to work and formal events whilst always giving a sense of ladylike class. When it comes to the formal look, not everyone likes the powerful and slightly aggressive look associated with the pantsuit.

But luckily, there is something that is called the skirt suit which consists of a suit jacket and a matching skirt. You can wear a skirt suit as the focal point of your outfit and determine its level of formality with your type of accessories like shoes, earrings, necklace.


This basically has to do with pairing up a dress with a matching jacket or blazer. It is similar to the skirt suit in many ways and can also be made less formal by ditching the jacket and wearing it with some flats and mild jewelry as well.


In successfully styling a jumpsuit, you need to find one that perfectly fits your body type. Ensure that you define your waist by making use of the cloth belt that comes with the jumpsuit. This adds some femineity to the look whilst maintaining your figure. Finally, pairing your jumpsuit with a blazer gives it that formal and corporate look perfect for the office!


The biggest challenge in wearing a playsuit to work is finding one that is not too short and not too low cut. Choose playsuits with high necks and full sleeves, or three-quarter length legs in a wide cut. However, if you’ve absolutely fallen in love with a spaghetti-strapped playsuit, you can still make it work-appropriate by wearing a t-shirt underneath or a blazer over it.


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