Confidence is a key advantage and a major factor in a person’s career development. However, some people find themselves crippled with doubt and fear, unable to take the necessary risk or voice their setbacks.

When you believe in yourself, you are more likely to achieve the goals you set. But self- doubt in the workplace is a big issue for many professionals. There are many of factors that can kill a person’s confidence at work, here are factors that kill your confidence and how to overcome them.

1. Feeling unworthy. Self-confidence comes when you feel worthy of who you are and what you have accomplished. The moment you start thinking you are not good enough, you begin to feel unworthy and that certainly affects your confidence. Fight these feelings by thinking of the things you appreciate about yourself.

2. Telling yourself you’re not smart enough – Nothing hurts more than trying your best and still not feeling smart enough. To regain your confidence, you have to literally tell yourself, “I am smart enough to succeed.” I already know a lot, and what I don’t know I will learn” Each of us is smart in what we know, we just have to acknowledge it. Speak words of affirmations.

3. The fear of failure – Everyone wants to “get it right” in their careers, but you shouldn’t let the fear of getting it wrong stand in your way of trying something new. A project may not turn out as planned, and you may make mistakes. But as long as you learn from those experiences, you haven’t truly failed.

4. Perfectionism – This frequently happens when you repeatedly force yourself to reach superior standards and sometimes become disheartened when you fail to accomplish them. So, you have to throw out the pressure you put on yourself and revise that your best is superior enough.


5. Other’s Opinion – People have their opinions about things and people, just like you have your opinion about others. Confident people don’t let the opinion of others define what they can or can’t do. They know that people don’t always agree on things, but that doesn’t make them wrong. Confident people listen to their intuition and trust themselves, rather than taking negative comments made by others too personally or trying to impress others.

We hope you find these helpful in building your confidence especially as we are rounding up the year. Resume feeling more confident about the value you bring to any organisation.



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