Fashion is intriguing! It is a way of aesthetic representation of clothing, makeup, hairstyles, footwear etc. at a certain period and place.

It can make your appearance gorgeous, breathtaking, and exotic. However, it can also cause the reverse to happen. It can make you look gaudy and unattractive. Sometimes it can go wrong when the underlying balance in it gets disturbed. Our life needs balance. So does fashion.
In an attempt to look fashionable, there are some common fashion mistakes we make as ladies that should be avoided. Below are a few to take note of:

1. Revealing too much

There is nothing wrong with attractive looks, but they must be done tastefully and with class. A lot of exposed skin may be inappropriate and off putting, especially in more modest settings. A dress or a skirt that is too short and tight will never look stylish, but an open back top/dress or a leg slit on a dress or gown will emphasize the body shape favorably while giving off a classy vibe.

2. Too few or too many accessories

There are two opposite mistakes women make when it comes to accessorizing. Either they over do it with a lot of matching accessories in one outfit or under do it with none at all. A lack of accessories can be even scarier than their abundance. A bracelet, earrings, and necklace can make your look complete and add a polished dignity if chosen wisely. But a wrong pairing, the wrong size, and shape can damage your whole look. You just need to invest time in striking the right balance and adding the right touch to your outfit. Sometimes to avoid the confusion that comes with accessorizing, you might be tempted to skip this beautiful item! But don’t commit this mistake which is one of the most usual fashion mistakes every woman makes.

3. Choosing the wrong undergarments

It is essential to wear the proper fitting undergarments to ensure that the clothes that you layer on top of them flatter your overall look. We always invest in the right clothes, accessories but when it comes to undergarments, we generally shy away from this day after day. If you are going to wear tight-fitting dresses or tops, seamless bras are good option for you; for low-cut necklines, you should rely on push-up bras and for an off-shoulder dress, a strapless bra will be appropriate.

Choosing the wrong panties is one of the biggest fashion mistakes. When carrying tight-fitting bottoms, always try to avoid lacy panties as these typically create lines that will be visible under the skinny bottoms. Surely this will spoil your look. So don’t shut your eyes to this issue as it is one of the most-important style mistakes to avoid.

4. Not Evolving

Although fashion has a tendency of repeating themselves, one mistake many women make is not evolving their fashion sense. Do not get caught up in one era for the rest of your life. You can still maintain your sense of style by approaching it with a more modern twist. Don’t limit yourself too much. Sticking to the same style is a good idea, but you still need to periodically update your wardrobe.

5. Not dressing for the occasion

This is one of the general fashion mistakes all women should avoid. You cannot choose the same outfit for a wedding or for the office. For different purposes, you have to pick different outfits; otherwise, you will feel extremely uneasy. Always know the environment and dress accordingly. The worst thing is to be under or over dressed for a situation. When in doubt, always inquire about the dress code prior to an event so you can plan ahead! Not only will you look awkward, but you will feel awkward and when that happens, it totally kills the mood. That being said, when in doubt, slightly overdress.

6. Not paying attention to details

One of the most common fashion mistakes is when women fail to pay attention to details. Over worn heels never look good when you’re walking. If the soles of your shoes need to be repaired, it’s worth hiring a shoe cobbler. Make sure your heel tips aren’t worn down either otherwise you can damage your shoes. And pay attention to tags sticking out or threads coming through tops that need trimming.

Failing to do so can look very rudimentary. Pay attention to your makeup and hairstyle as well. Your choice of style should be influenced by where you’re going and the purpose of the occasion as well. Last but not least; don’t ever forget your perfume. Your fragrance makes you prominent in the crowd; it announces your arrival. To attract the attention of others, choose a perfume according to your taste and personality. But try to avoid those that are very strong.

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