Coca Look Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day has become a very important day which is being celebrated all over the world to spread love and highlight the importance of giving.

Aside the thought of expressing your affection through greetings and gifts for loved ones, there is definitely another thought of what to wear. You may be having a date after work today and would need to choose an outfit that can easily transition from a day to an evening look or you may have an event and would be wondering what to wear.

Whatever the occasion may be today, the color red does not only symbolize love, but it also evokes power, confidence and passion. You can choose to go all hot with your red dress/suit and accessorize this with other colors such as black, white or gold or you can also choose other colors but accessorize them with a red bag or shoe.

However you choose to mark this day, make sure you add a touch of red. To give you some outfit inspiration no matter your plans, we have curated a few red themed COCA LOOK dresses you can pull off today, being Valentine’s Day.

1. A red pencil dress

2. A Red Jacket and Skirt with a white inner top

3. A Red Lace long sleeve top

4. A buttoned-up Skirt Suit

5. A Red straight dress

6. Red Blazer

7. A red Bag

8. A red Pump or Slip on

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Happy Valentine’s Day and we wish you the best of the day. Spread love!





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