Coca Insights Favourite Outfit Picks For Women

As a result of the pandemic, a lot of organizations started working from home, and after a year down the line, working remotely has become a norm. Some people are still sitting in their couches and on their beds with the temptation to stay in their pajamas all day while wearing slippers non-stop. They would only actually style theirhair for those endless Zoom calls. In moments like these, there is a high chance productivity will start to decline if care is not taken.

In order to improve productivity and self-discipline towards work, you should keep a routine just like you would if you were leaving your home to go to the office. And just like you would make your bed first thing in the morning, you should also be hopping out of those pajamas. When you get dressed in “real clothes,” it will make you feel more work conscious and productive. It also helps if your boss should ask you to hop on a last-minute Zoom call.

Your work from home outfit doesn’t have to be all glammed up, but can be comfy and cozy yet stylish.

We compiled a few outfit ideas that will not only let you look great but also feel great too.

Shirtdress – Quick and Easy; ideal for a work from home look since you are technically not going anywhere.

A Mini Wrap Dress – A mini-wrap dress will quickly become your favorite piece to throw on. Just roomy enough to feel comfortable, but cute enough to rock with your sandals or white sneakers.

A Blazer over a dress – It’s the perfect time to break out your easy, breezy summer dresses and style them with a structured blazer. Zoom outfit, complete.

Jumpsuit – the jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder that’s perfect for work-from-home meetings

 Long casual dress – They’re comfortable enough to balance your laptop on your lap on the couch but also stylish enough to step out to grab a cup of coffee and look like you’ve made an effort.

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