Climbing up a corporate ladder is a phrase that simply means to advance within a company or career from the bottom to the top through promotions. The corporate ladder gets increasingly more difficult to climb since companies typically have larger number of entry-level positions and fewer positions in middle and upper management.

People climb the corporate ladder to get higher salaries, acquire impressive job titles, take on new challenges, and feel more fulfilled. If you are interested in moving up in your company, here are a few steps to take:


  1. Identify your specific career goals – Look at the bigger picture of where you are on your career path and where you want to be. Envision your ideal career and decide exactly what that dream job entails. Right from your current level, work your way through the career journey based on the goals you’ve set for yourself.
  2. Determine the greater milestones you need to meet – Once you’ve determined your dream job, decide which larger accomplishments you need to achieve your goals. Like acquiring new skills on the job, enrolling in programmes that will advance your career opportunities, demonstrating great leadership skill amongst others.
  3. Set yearly performance goals – Once you detail a plan of action for your career path, it’s a good idea to measure and evaluate your performance goals and develop a strategic pathway. Knowing how far you have come will allow you to perform above your set requirements.
  4. Keep learning – Employers are more likely to consider employees who demonstrate leadership abilities for promotions. True leaders show willingness to educate themselves and impart on others. Commit to learning everything you can about your organization, industry and the higher position you would like to move into.

Finally, to climb the corporate ladder of your career, always aim higher than your current position and drive yourself to keep working towards the goals you’ve set and learn more about your work and the work you would like to do in the future.



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