If you’re looking for comfortable shoes for work and play, then get a pair that offers solid support for your feet! If I were to say ‘women’s orthopedic shoes’, some of you may automatically picture an ugly style clog or clunky shoe that is less than attractive. And there was a time that that was true, but times have changed. We have gathered up the best womens orthopedic shoes that not only look stylish but will have your feet thanking you!

What is an orthopedic shoe?
Ortho shoes are ones that have been designed to support the foot and leg in order for it to be in the most comfortable position for walking. They usually have a hard sole to be supportive, a removable lining—so that you can add your own special insoles if needed, come in different widths—for comfort and to accommodate different foot problems, and a firm heel counter (that’s the bit that envelopes the heel of your foot).
Here are some of the most stylish varieties that your feet will LOVE! (Links to where you can shop them from have been attached as well).

1. Best orthopedic slip-on shoes.
A slip-on style is great for an easy fit, quick to put on, and if you’re somebody that struggles to get your feet into a tight shoe due to your foot problems. No laces, no zippers, no worries!

A sandal is a great summer look, but when you need something more supportive than a flip flop, and sturdy enough that you don’t feel every lump and bump in the road, try a pair of stylish orthopedic sandals that will love your feet back.

2. Best Orthopedic Wedges
If you have a dressy occasion that calls for something a bit more elegant than flat sandals, but you still want to feel supported, try a pair of wedges!

3. Best Orthopedic Ballet Flats
Flats are super slim to squeeze in your suitcase and can dress up an outfit instantly without the pain of too high heels. Just remember that overall, flats aren’t that great for walking long, long periods of time but these adorable selections are still comfy nonetheless!

4. Best Orthopedic High Heels
Yes, you read that correctly. We know that ‘comfortable shoes with heels’ are words that shouldn’t go together, but shoe designers have made adjustments that allow you to wear heels with comfort too! Perfect when you need something for a more conservative formal event, like a conference or wedding.

Examples include: Kitten Heel Pump, Clarks Pump
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