What is smart casual dress-code?

Smart casual is a dress code (dressing style) that combines “smart wear” such as business attire with “casual wear” such as informal clothes and even streetwear. On the spectrum of formality, smart casual lies between business casual (dress pants and pencil skirts) and dressy casual (jeans and blouses). The easiest way to create a smart casual look is to match clothes with different levels of formality. Some of the most suitable clothes for a casual dress code are coats, button-downs, pencil skirts, vibrant sweaters, polo shirts, dress pants, chinos, plain t-shirts, dark-wash jeans, and practical footwear.

When to wear smart casual attire.

The smart-casual dress code is suitable for all social occasions, professional or not. As explained above, the smart casual dress code can be: “formal smart casual” and “informal smart casual.” In case of a business or work-related event, you want to wear a format smart casual dress code. Such events are business conferences, business meetings, and after-work-related functions such as an office gathering for dinner. In case of a more relaxed event like meeting friends for dinner or going to a friend’s b-day party, you can wear informal smart casual.

Smart Casual attire for dinner

For a dinner date, women’s best smart casual attire should showcase a mix of classic with modern styles such as high heels and dress in a plain t-shirt and a casual top.

Smart Casual Office Wear

Remember that the smart casual dress code is the most popular dressing style among business and office people. However, unlike the classic business dress code, smart casual attire is more versatile and relaxed. While you must retain the professional look, this is your chance to put a spin on your look. Consider swapping the boring office suit and tie ensemble for a pair of chinos, a sleeve-up shirt, a relaxed blazer, and an open jacket thrown over your shoulders for a look suitable for all genders and ages.

Smart Casual Attire for day events

Unlike formal occasions such as weddings, dinners, or black-tie events, day events offer more dressing flexibility. Regardless, if you’re heading to a relaxed brunch with a friend or an afternoon tea, the smart casual dress code changes during the day towards the informal, everyday look with colourful tones and sporty outfits. As such, denim jackets, chic tops, midi skirts, sneakers, and many accessories work wonders.

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